Zinetika is a multidisciplinary festival where relationships between dance and visual arts are explored. Body and technology creating together, in the search of different experiences. The festival hosts videodance, performance, masterclass and workshop proposals around this subject. It is also a platform that allows to establish links between artists and organizations internationally, enriching the cultural exchange.

Organizer: El Trastero Creativo
Coproducer: Dantzagunea


The III edition of the festival will be held in Pamplona, San Sebastian and Bilbao, with the collaboration of Iruña City Council, Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Palacio Condestable, BilbaoArte, La Fundición and Tabakalera’s Cinema, through its program of white letters to festivals.

Condestable Palace

15th-16th November

This renaissance-style historic building (1548), a unique example of civil architecture in Pamplona during the XVI century, nowadays it is used for cultural activities organized by or in collaboration with the City Council within its Civivox network.

Palacio Condestable

ADDRESS: Mayor street, 2. 31001 Pamplona, Navarra


17th-18th November

After 90 years as a tobacco factory, Tabakalera reopened its doors in 2015 as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture. Tabakalera’s aim is to foster and disseminate creation, which is the purpose behind its services and activities. Besides the cultural project, Tabakalera is also a cultural ecosystem of private initiatives and institutions, as well as a public venue for citizen enjoyment.


ADDRESS: Andre zigarrogileak square, 1. 20012 San Sebastian. Gipuzkoa


19th-20th November

BilbaoArte is an artistic production center belonging to the Culture Department of the Bilbao City Council. It provides resident artists with the means and infrastructures required to develop their artistic ideas. The main aim of BilbaoArte is to provide outstanding professionalisation of young creators, thus achieving high technical levels and making available modern infrastructures for artistic practices within the art community.


ADDRESS: Urazurrutia street, 32. 48003 Bilbao. Bizkaia

La Fundición

21th November

The programmes of La Fundición and its activities related to theatre and dance since 1986, as well as guidance for contemporary creativity in general, have made it a focal point for art, artists and audiences. This private initiative, in connection with other private and public organizations and projects, is based on the pillars of increasing visibility, promotion, internationalisation and the raising of awareness. These themes are developed by means of various programmes at La Fundición, Dantzaldia Festival and Lekuz Leku Festival.

La Fundación

ADDRESS: Francisco Maciá street, 1-3, 48014 Bilbao, Bizkaia