MI GRAN OBRA (an ambitious project)


Created and directed by: David Espinosa
Interpreted by: David Espinosa/Hekinah Degul Company
Assistant director: África Navarro
Sound and music: Santos Martínez/David Espinosa

Mi Gran Obra is what I would do if I had an unlimited budget, the biggest theatre in the world, 300 actors on stage, a military band, a rock group, animals, cars and a helicopter. Mi Gran Obra is a utopia. The reality we have always existed in as artists is characterised by its precarious nature and a lack of resources, and that is exactly where the emphasis of our work has lain: coming up with mechanisms to resolve inadequate resources, turning necessity into virtue, underlining what is missing to enhance failure as the interest and driving force behind creation.

20TH OCTOBER · 19:00 / 21:00
Sala de Cámara. Baluarte · Pamplona
Price: 6€