Is a story told using clay, with a little character who is eager to escape, a window display and its inhabitants, a love story, a story of small failures, a potter’s wheel, a tiny pottery and four hands playing together.

The El Patio company from La Rioja was founded in 2010 by Izaskun Fernández and Julián Sáenz-López, who saw the public’s need for stories born out of the emotion arising from everyday things, everything surrounding us, little stories that are important to us and give them an excuse to seek a special language that helps them tell this on stage. This search led them to conceal themselves in objects and their life, in small format stories, in clay and using their own hands…

Their first show is a tiny miracle, an exquisite hand made work, “a theatrical diamond that pays tribute to the crafts of the past that are suffering”, according to the theatre critic Jonás Sáinz.


30 October · 20:00h. Baluarte (Cámara) · For all audiences · Price: 6€

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A light flickers inside the house. The day has begun.
On the table, the hand draws a straight line, then a curve, then staggered and finally confused lines that criss cross the whole city. It ends at a point where the line has ended its journey. The air is so humid that fish could swim the windows. The House continues, alone, with its sails billowing in the wind.

Inspired by the theatre of objects, M.A.R. explores the handling of objects by means of choreographed body work with the materials of work: all objects collected to create one specific space – a home.

Two stories intertwine in the work: the story of a family home, together with a technical-poetic consideration of spaces and their meaning. A discourse through space that is based on the following premiss: “Architecture is the setting for life”.

A journey through such materials as wood, paper, photographs, everyday utensils, drawings… which, combined with a bodily exercise employing precise movements, build a thinking space in perpetual motion.

Andrea Díaz Reboredo is a plastic artist and stage director graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Madrid (Spain), Florence (Italy) and Puebla (Mexico).

Her training in plastic arts evolved towards a scenic language, definitively entering the universe of theater where she works as a stage director, set designer and performer of her own shows that investigate the image as a container of knowledge and social memory to create new dialogues between work, space and the viewer. She has worked in Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Colombia,  Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, and Cuba.


31 October · 18:00h. and 20:00h. Baluarte (Cámara) · For all audiences · Price: 6€

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