Creation and performance: Carmen Larraz, Uxue Montero & Hilario Rodeiro



Carmen Larraz.

Transoceánica is a choreographic project that uses dance, photographic images and sound for research.
It is based on listening to the natural environment to talk about a personal transformation process.
The loss of a loved one, a partner, a job… loss in general sends us on an emotional journey with no return that leads to profound transformation.
Human beings have had a spiritual relationship with Nature for a long time. We talked to it and it talked to us, and in this way we understood our environment and our existence, accepting that they were one and the same.
With Transoceánica, we aim to restart this dialogue and see the environment and the individual as two profoundly linked concepts that cannot be conceived of without each other. The images of earth, drought, water, etc. appear as a projection of the soul. Nature emerges as if it were a mirror that helps us to see the emotional stages through which we cross the ocean of transformation.

21st NOVEMBER · 20:30
La Fundición · Bilbao · 6€