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DNA 2021

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Ending beats

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Blas Payri
1’ SP

An old couple dance the last beats of a waltz, until their final disuniting.

They dance with their head

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Thomas Corriveau
8’ 27’’ CA

The severed head of a choreographer is held captive by an eagle on a desert island. With a dazzling mastery of drawing and painting, this animated short unexpectedly takes us into the sensitive world of an artist madly in love with dance.


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Eman Hussein
9’51’’ EG

A young woman and her friends join a car repair shop as “Belia” (colloquial Egyptian for apprentices) to learn the craft from the Ustas (craft headmasters). They explore what this relationship creates as it merges labor with everyday life rhythms to open up a new space for movement.

Call of pink

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Denisa Anastasiu, Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, Catalin Rugina
16’28’’ RO

We can easily say that our life is a game, not an ordinary one where you can determine the story, the space and the characters, but a game which comes with opportunities and traps, with gains and losses, a game we have to play every second, a game in which we are rooted. Sometimes we choose the virtual space in order to escape reality, but in the end it turns out to be just a way to avoid the real game, our everyday life.

The egg child

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Kevin Robic
7’20’’ FR

Shot during confinement, this film tells the story of a child living alone. What happened to him? Where are his parents?


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Paulo Acciolu
1’ BR

Kauã dances in the hill, like a bird of prey.

Before we collide

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Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic
1’10’ UK

A short film shot on a Nishika N8000 analog lenticular camera consisting of over 800 photographs pieced together. In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support.


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Tuxién Benet
8’34’’ USA

Through a dialogue between movement and landscape, Lazarus reflects on the objectification of the woman body in film. The famous quote by Edgar Allan Poe “the death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world” triggers a succession of falls and recoveries that escape the poetic by trying too hard to find it.

The rear window

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Estefania Peñarreta, Cristina Baquerizo, Sara Acosta
4’13’’ EC

When time lengthens and space shrinks, we should look at ourselves with no fear. At the end we’re part of everything.


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Amir Zakirov
1’20’’ RUS

Experimental visualization of the risk behind many of the dancer’s moves. Symbiosis of dance and 3D graphics.



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Rumi Kaul
4’04’’ NL

Awake is a visualization of a strong desire and the broad fantasy it can awaken. A desire that is impossible to redeem, which makes its force even greater. Jesse is in the car with his girlfriend Chloe, driving back from a party. Suddenly they violently hit the brakes when on the road a big glowing red box stands before them. The start of journey in Jesse’s mind, fueled by his desire.

Where the spiders live

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Holger Mohaupt
3’11’’ UK

A physical response to the memory of architecture set in the ruins of an abandoned paintball arena in Scotland.

Dear black girls

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Yoram Savion
9’ USA

Through movement based art, this new film aims to connect the grief and the pain with the joy and the hope for this current moment. What are the values of the movement? How do we pay homage to black revolutionary women? How do we inspire people to take action? How do we know if people truly care to see real change?


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Alireza Keymanesh, Amir Pousti
14’36’’ IRN

Flatland has been made based on a book of the same name written by Edwin Abbott in 1884. The story describes a two-dimensional world occupied by geometric figures. The narrator is a square named A Square, a member of the caste of gentlemen and professionals, who guides the readers through some of the implications of life in two dimensions.


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Daniel Moshel
10’ AUS

The third part of the internationally award-winning MeTube short film series. This time the intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.


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Lucía García
9’59’’ SP

How many realities can coexist in the same place, without ever realising each other? Which are our limits to perceive the world around us? A silent invasion that can only be noticed when it’s too late. Two parallel realities that advance, ignoring each other. Abbiosis shows us an imperceptible, inaudible and invisible being that expands through our world (without limits).


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Talia Shea Levin
2’23’’ USA

It is a strange time for art-making. Crisis reveals just what is essential. This project was born out of a need to reinvent community from a safe distance, to anchor in collective experience on the shores of a changing world. And it is not enough. There is so much work still to be done to hold each other through the chaos, to continue building together toward a new normal. We set out to ease the enormity of this transition for ourselves, for anyone who watches with us, through a shared dance: a glimpse of joy, the gasp of release found in moving alone together.

The invisible heritage

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Martina Faux
8’05’’ ARG

Gastón and Laura are two brothers who live in a house inherited by their family. They live together in the solitude of an immense house, full of fortunes and heavy memories. Opening drawers and objects from the past, Laura discovers murmurs coming from there. Both brothers decide to close the doors of the house where the sounds come from, and isolate themselves in the safe rooms. Everyday life seems to continue, until secrets spread more and more and inhabit everywhere.


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6’42’’ UK

Set in the urban metropolis of London, is an intimate portrait of Danish-born dancer Toke Broni Strandby. Director Nono expertly visualizes the emotionally layered journey we endure to fulfill our dreams while exploring themes of identity, contemporary alienation, and acceptance. An inspiring story about triumph, Toke, is a celebration of the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.

Mercedes Dans

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Andrii Kaplia
3’ 36” UKR

Once Bogdan decides to do something that sets him apart from the crowd, he takes a path to free himself and starts doing his dance routine in public spaces.

No, I don´t want to dance

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Andrea Vinciguerra
2’39’’ UK

In these dark times, you may think that every hazard has been identified, but nobody has taken in consideration how dangerous dance can be…


The room

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Laida Aldaz Arrieta
3’40’’ SP

Confined in a room. Where routine turns into an infinite habit for the body, space becomes for the soul a gateway to enter, or to exit….


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Laida Aldaz Arrieta. 9’51” SP
La Faktoria Choreographic Center

Student film. One space. Two dices. 10 dancers. One game of chance. The possibility of creating in the confiniment.


DNA 2021

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Aitor Ortiz de Felipe. 26’59” SP
Gobierno de Navarra / Nafarroako Gobernua

Documentary that collects the testimonies and experiences of the artistic residencies of creation and research that constitute one of the fundamental pillars of the artistic program DNA 2021: Contemporary Dance of Navarre.
This artistic program is organized by the General Directorate of Culture – Prince of Viana Institution, in collaboration with Baluarte Foundation and its purpose is to promote contemporary dance and the arts of movement.
In this edition of 2021, 5 companies from Navarre carry out their creative processes in different venues of the Network of Theaters of Navarre to bring their creations closer to the public and the territory.

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