This workshop of film correspondence uses the concept of the frontier to reach the most intimate and personal spaces.

Following the collaborative and participatory profile that frames the Gaztefilmfest festival, the workshop will bring together young migrants, minors (based on a previous experience that was done in Gasteiz in a center for unaccompanied minors). The idea is to be able to establish a “Film Correspondence” between migrant minors settled in Navarra and in Bayonne to deconstruct the concept of “Border”. The workshop will be taught by Zazpi Terdi.





Pello Gutiérrez, David Aguilar Iñigo and Iñaki Sagastume are three friends who work collectively in the mixture of audiovisual genres. His works pay special attention to the filmic process and his way of relating to reality; there are films that cover non-fiction and experimental cinema.

His filmography includes films such as The Floating Way (2019 Project X films of the Punto de Vista Festival), Zain (2018 Kimuak Catalog), Converso (2017 Released in theaters, the highest grossing Basque documentary in the year), Ozpinaren sindromea (2017 Special Mention Alcances), Mara Mara (2016 Best Director of Photography Alcine), Oírse (2013 Best Half-length Film Alcances) or Nao yik (2011 First Prize Alcine).

In the field of performing arts, they have incorporated non-fiction cinema in pieces such as Biutz (2012) and Heriotza Bikoitza (2018), both of collective creation.

Together with other groups (Mikelazulo, Banda Bat) they also organize the LUPA Documentary Show and the NOKODEK Sound and Visual Experimentation Festival.