Until October 31, it will also travel to Bilbao and Pamplona with a film program, masterclasses, performances, installation, workshop or a festival meeting.

The VI edition of the ZINETIKA Festival begins next Friday, October 22, with a cinematographic program of 23 films and an offer of activities that will host three masterclasses, two performances, a workshop, a festival meeting and a proposal for children’s screenings. This VI edition takes place between October 22 and 26 in San Sebastián (Kutxa Kultur in Tabakalera, Cines Trueba); 27 and 28 in Bilbao (BilbaoArte); and October 29, 30 and 31 in Pamplona (Baluarte).

This morning the ZINETIKA Festival program was presented in Baluarte with the presence of the contest’s artistic director, Laida Aldaz; the coordinator of Dantzagunea, Sofía Alforja; and the representative of Cineclub Kresala, Ander Gisasola. In addition, the director of Choreoscope festival, Loránd János; the director of the Italian Spanish Film Festival, Iris Martín-Peralt; the director and photographer Derek Pedrós; and the filmmaker Pello Gutiérrez, a member of the ZAZPI T’ERDI collective have intervened online to present their proposals.

Laida Aldaz has reviewed the programmatic lines of the festival. For her part, Sofía Alforja explained the collaboration that Dantzagunea and Zinetika develop. Ander Gusasola has addressed the relationship between Kresala and Zinetika, materialized in the recently created K Awards, with which it is intended to generate a network to disseminate the work of associated film clubs and film festivals and contribute to increasing their number in the coming years.