VIII. Edition 2023

17 November - 14 December

Pamplona - San Sebastián - Bilbao - Mayenne

Creation and Videodance Workshop

Para estudiantes

Zinetika 2023 goes to Mayenne (France) from December 11th to December 14th to take part in the “Creation and Videodance Workshop”, given by Ingrid Florin (artistic mentor from R14 Company), Julien Grosvalet (R14’s  Company director) and Laida Aldaz (Zinetika’s director).

The workshop is aimed to local Secondary Education students, that will participate in the group creation of two films of videodance filmed in the convent La Visitation, heritage of the city of Mayenne. The workshop will be performed from Monday to Thursday, and will end with the screening of the two short films in December 14th in the Cinéma Le Vox, as a form of introduction of the session in which the titles that constitute the Official Section of Zinetika 2023 will be presented.

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La Visitation
from 11/12/23 to 14/12/23






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