The short film “The Room” by Laida Aldaz, Director of the ZINETIKA Festival, continues on its run of successes with more selections for international festivals.

The film received the Best Film Award at Dance Camera North Minneapolis, on top of the Honorary Mention at the London International Monthly Film Festival.

“The Room”will also be shown at the FilmFest by Rogue Dancer and it has also been selected for the 10th Riurau Film Festival.

Produced by the ZINETIKA Festival, “The Room” (SP, 2020) is a short film directed and choreographed by Laida Aldaz that investigates creation in closed spaces. This experimental videodance film was created between December 2019 and January 2020 with a single shot that reflects on the impossibility of escaping from the daily routine we imprison ourselves in out of an infinite habit for our bodies, where space becomes both a way into and out of our souls.

A room with a closed door is all Laida needs for a choreography of looped movements, with Giuseppe Di Francisca as Editor and Cameraman, to create the collective imagination that characterises the film. Joaquín Breton is the Assistant Director, Cruz Isael Mata the Assistant Choreographer and the music is by Luisillo Kalandraka.